The fact that you just clicked on the Donate part of the website, already makes you one of our favorite people! Making social issue documentaries is not easy. And PHOOLAN has been particularly challenging. It took us 18 months to get a permit to film in India, whereas it should normally take 2 to 3 months! Seemingly some people in high places in Indian bureaucracy didn’t want this film to be made.  And then the most devastating below came in 2016 when our Canadian broadcaster, Super Channel, filed for bankruptcy and, as a result, we lost more than 30% of our total budget in promised money! The journey has been tough.  But we are not giving up. Phoolan’s story MUST be told! It can inspire millions of people to take action to help make the world a better place.

This is the last leg. We are at the rough cut stage, thanks to the support of big-hearted and compassionate people like you! All filming is done and we just need to complete the remaining post production processes. Help us reach the home stretch!

So, go ahead. DO IT! Donate and become the Best Person Ever! 🙂